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Biogreen® is an innovative and patented process for thermochemical conversion of biomass and wastes. It includes a pyrolysis system that extracts useful substances to be used for energy and other purposes. Wood, straw, cereals waste, plastics, sewage sludge... All can be converted into fuel, bio-char or coke and gas. Biogreen® significantly reduces the volume of treated products while extracting the product’s best benefits by producing food flavor, renewable electricity, green chemical ingredients, soil amendment, and etc. Biogreen® is a trademark and process developed by ETIA, an engineering company founded in 1989 and specializing in processes of thermal treatment for bulk products.



Before the product can be treated, the biomass must be dried. This step reduces moisture and allows it to heat more easily. This is an additional part of the Biogreen® process which can be connected with all kinds of dryer systems, including the Beltomatic dryers.  ETIA can also offer the complete process including a dryer.

Thermo chemical Transformation

The thermo chemical transformation changes the product’s structure by applying heat in a controlled atmosphere. Depending on the operating parameters, the thermo chemical treatment of the ligneous cellulosic biomass will produce bio-char, bio-oil, chemical ingredients, soil fertilizer, and etc. With Biogreen®, ETIA offers a multipurpose and efficient range of solutions designed for the energy and agrochemical conversion of the biomass.


Biogreen can be used for biomass torrefaction, among other treatments. Torrefaction is one of the ways to create densification of the energy contained within a product. Treatment is achieved within a few minutes at 200°C to 300°C in an anaerobic environment. Biomass will lose weight (around 30%), and become crumbly. This prepares it to be crushed or gasified. Torrefaction also produces a more homogeneous product, with a low hygroscopicity that is easy to store.


The pyrolysis process will quickly heat biomass in the absences of oxygen at a high temperature, between 400 and 800°C or more. The product transformation produces three distinct outputs: bio-char or coke (solid fraction), bio-oil or crude oil (liquid fraction), and gas. Various applications are possible for these products: bio-char can be burned or used for soil amendment. Bio-oil can be used as fuel or used in the chemical industry as a renewable ingredient. It can also be used in the food industry as a liquid smoke flavor. Crude oil can be distilled to produce Diesel or Naphtha. The gas fraction is generally used as heating power for the process. Due to the unique design, the operating parameters of Biogreen® are precisely controlled. This allows the operator to adjust the proportion of all the three phases.   


Biogreen® can also be used for the gasification of torrefied products at a high temperature (800°C). The gas fraction which is preponderant can be cracked at 1200°C in a secondary stage and convert all molecules into CO and H2.