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The Safesteril system is manufactured by ETIA in France, as is Biogreen. Norris Thermal Technologies has the USA marketing rights for the Safesteril system.

Safesteril® is a continuous steam pasteurization and sterilization process, which is completely safe and natural. It only uses heat to decontaminate the product. Safesteril will make your product safer for the consumer while maintaining its high quality.

Aromatic products, especially herbs and botanicals are very sensitive to heat and to the moisture. That's why Safesteril® has been optimized to minimize the impact of sterilization on:

Flavor and Taste: less than 5-8% of the oil content is lost during the process,

Color: no drastic change of color,

Moisture: with our exclusive dry steam device, there is no increase of moisture.

Safesteril® is a natural treatment method, that effectively replaces ETO, UV, OZONE and chemical treatments.

Safesteril® can treat most dry and wet products. These include:

Spices, seeds, nuts, herbs, botanicals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables

The unique design allows Safesteril to process almost all shapes of products, from whole to the finest form of powder.

Safesteril® is an alternative to irradiation, and chemical treatments of food products. Your food product is quickly treated with steam as it conveys with an electrically heated screw. This patented design allows control of the condensation during the process. Precise dwell time is controlled by a screw rotation and paddles fixed to the screw allow for homogeneous treatment. With the computer control and documentation there is proof that every part of the product is properly treated and there is a document to prove that it was treated to required specification.